ISAMRA International

ISAMRA, formerly Indian Singers Rights Association (ISRA) has Agreements with the following Foreign Societies:

1 Recorded Artists, Actors Performers, (RAAP), Ireland
2 Nouvoimaie, Italy
3 Associacao Brasileira de Musica e Artes, ABRAMUS, Brazil
4 Centre for Performer's Rights Administration (CPRA), Japan Council of Performers' Organisations (Geidankyo), {CPRA/Geidankyo), Japan
5 Union of Performing Artists STOART, Poland
6 South African Music Performance Rights Association NPC (SAMPRA), South Africa
7 The All-Russian Organisation for Intellectual Property (VOIS), Russia
8 Amanat, Kazakhstan
9 Georgian Copyright Association (GCA), Georgia
10 Ukranian League of Copyright and Related Rights (ULCRR), Ukraine
11 National Association For The Protection of Intellectual Creation (ANPCI), Moldova
12 Organisation for Collective Administration of Performers Rights, (PI), Serbia
13 Artistas Interpretes o Ejeutantes Sociedad de Gestion de Espana (AIE), Spain
14 Swedish Artists' and Musicians' Interest Organisation (SAMI), Sweden
15 Stichting ter Exploitatie van Naburige Rechten (SENA), Netherlands
16 Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL), United Kingdom
17 ACTRA Performers' Rights Society (ACTRA PRS), Canada
18 Sound Exchange, United States of America (USA)